How to hack PS3 and play pirated games – 100% Tested

Learn how to hack PS3.This is intended for all those who have problems with installing ps3 costum firmware. You do not need to own jailbrake stick, everything u need is usb with an least 256 mb (fat32). I’ve tried several combinations and finally found the right one and I will share with you. Hope that you’ll have no problems with installation.


First step

First of all make sure you’re PS3 has 3.55 official firmware or older version. If is not, please downgrade to 3.55 first. Google it for how to install.

Thanks to Zamp suggestion, as i forgot : You have to use signed pkg made for 3.55 or you will get error occurred during the install operation (80029567)

Download link : kmeaw CFW 3.55 Patched PUP

Create on the root of a USB (formatted FAT 32) the following folders: \PS3\UPDATE\

Secound step

Access to the Playstation recovery menu:
Turn off Plastation 3
Hold The power button down; The system will turn on and turn off once again.
Once the System has been shutdown, re-press you finger until you hear 2 consecutive beeps
You will be promted to plug in your controller via usb and then hit the PS button
The Recovery menu will pop up.
Go to System update > Update via Storage Media and instal kmeaw CFW 3.55
After reboot you should see the install package file and the app_home/PS3_GAME/ inside the Game Folder

Last step

Download lvl2 patcher (lvl2-v9.pkg) and multiman (1.16+)
Make sure to save the files on usb root directory
Navigate to install package file and install them (XMB)
And remember before run multiman make sure to run lvl2 patcher first
Load game from external or internal and enjoy! Easy done PS3 hacking!

If u want to play ps3 games via portable usb hard drive

-Make sure that is FAT32 and if is not you can convert from NTFS to FAT32 with Paragon Hard Disk Manager eazy and fast (
-Then download the game u want and add it to the following folder \GAMEZ

-Game folder you downloaded must contain (BLES, BLUS) number. (ex. \GAMEZ\BLUS-30490)
list with numbers (
-Start the game from backup manager (eg. Multiman, Rogero) and enjoy.

If u want to transfer games from PC to PS3 via FTP

-First download filezila ( and install to you’re Pc.
-Then download PS3 FTP Server ( and install to you’re PS3
-Open FileZilla and press the ‘Site Manager’ button (Under ‘File’ in the top left hand corner) then press ‘New Site’ ant set up host: (view from ps3 FTP server) port: 21 server type: FTP Logon Type : Normal User: FTPD12345 pass: (leave blank)
-You will see a tab that says ‘Transfer Settings’. You want to limit the connections to 2 (One for browsing the PS3 and one for transferring.. If you set this to 1 you will only be able to browse the PS3 if you’re not transferring anything).
-hit Connect!
-Browse to folder (BLUSXXXX) on your PC and transfer the entire folder to /dev_hdd0/game/(BUM DISC ID)/GAMEZ on your PS3
Start the game from backup manager (eg. Multiman, Rogero) and enjoy.

Update on How to hack ps3 coming soon

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  1. From Mucha Gracia

    Finally found a post where it is well explained. Working tnx :)

    • From Anders

      Nice! I´ll try it out when I get my ps3 then. :)

    • From kiji

      where do i d/l games?

      • From Admin

        Its easy to find PS3 games, search on google like “game_name + ps3 + torrent + “

        • From shubham

          hey admin,can u put the video of this hacking process,because i cant understand english easily,plz….thnx

  2. From Zamp

    You have to use signed pkg made for 3.55 or you will get error occurred during the install operation (80029567)

  3. From Sangeeth

    The link that you provided is signed package ?

    What exactly is this signed package thing ?

    • From Admin

      I dont really know what exactly is the difference , but all needed links are in this post. Just follow, and you will able to make it works.

      p.s on kmeaw CFW 3.55 Patched PUP link, there is description , so please read it.

  4. From girish

    what for ps3 FW 3.56 and higher. i m not allowed to downgrade

  5. From Luke

    Does it hinder or not allow online gameplay?

  6. From hey buddy

    hey admin why dont you update this post with a newer one about how to do the same with new firmwares like 3.60. That wud really be helpful. however this one was great and crystal clear.

  7. From Mr.wufflez

    what do you mean fat32? is it fat ps3? and if i get banned will i still be able to play the games offline?

    • From Admin

      Fat32 is drive partition. Google it “How to format Fat32 Windows 7″

  8. From bin

    can i downgrade 3.66 ? tnx

    • From Admin

      Im not sure, but i think you cant downgrade!

    • From anonymous

      m goin to purchase ps3 320 gb v 3.66 moove bundle in 2 days
      i want to know whther 3.66 hackaable wid usb…???
      plzz giv me ur email

  9. From Arthur Schuertzmann

    Can you steel play online ????

  10. From akmal

    hey , this tips can use on 3.60 too ?

    • From Admin

      Im not sure, i just made this on my PS3, nothing more

  11. From fahad

    hey i brought ps3 from a store he cracked it wit 3.55 n put multi man in it…..but i ask he how to transfer game from pc he dint tell me…can help me pls…….

    • From Admin

      You need external HDD with Fat32 partition. Put the game in folder “Gamez” and start from multi man.

  12. From Coolio55

    Hey Admin

    Once you’ve installed it, can you revert it to it’s original state (remove the hack) by officially upgrading it or something? so that you can play online again……..

    Thx Plz answer (even if it’s negative)

    • From Admin

      Yes its possible, next post update will include this section too.

  13. From Crissrenald

    So does it means the PS3 sees the flash drive just like that, without any configuration in it internal system?

  14. From Crissrenald

    what will be the best version of paragon hard disk manager, that will be easy to used and work with?

  15. From Kaktus7002

    I won a PS3 last week and I just want to know? Does this really work?
    Please reply

  16. From Mohit

    Hello to everyone. I downloaded it and put in PS3\UPDATE
    But when i put my flashdrive in ps3 and select download via storage device a message comes “No applicable update found” Please help!!!!

  17. From manish goel

    How would I know the PS3 which I am going to purchase is Firmware 3.55 or older version. Couldn’t find out.

  18. From mike

    Is the copied DVD`s working on ps3 like wii ?

  19. From Vik

    hey Admin – can we hack any PS3 with these instructions or its for specific PS3 type?


    • From Admin

      I’m not sure, but i don’t think so. However you can try, because you can restore your PS3 anytime.

  20. From maddog

    is ther any wa you can make a vid admin……or if you have one plz… me wher can look for it….cuz buying games are prity expensive……

    • From Admin

      no i dont have video, but soon will be post upgrade!

  21. From aIM

    after hack it, then can play the newest game like fifa 12 or not? thanks~

  22. From Hack

    hey admin are you able to install downloaded games on the ps3 hard drive it self so you dont need to use a external hard drive

  23. From Noah

    will i still be able to play online?

    • From Admin

      No, just from hdd

      • From Want to buy 60gb ps3 and i need some advices

        i don’t understand… if i install the game from usb device to hdd i can play online without problems?

      • From Want to buy 60gb ps3 and i need some advices

        or is there any way to not pay for games and play online?

  24. From Hack

    hey admin i’ve been trying to get my ps3 to 3.55 but im lost at how to do it cuz im fairly new to jail breaking

    • From Hack

      i have googled for how to but no one gives instructions

  25. From Capyn

    Hey admin,

    When will I be able to do this for FW 4.0?

    Thanks in advance

  26. From Luis

    hey admin….
    will 1 be able to play my original dvd games or only the copies..???
    thx in advans

    • From Admin

      Yes you can play original or copies too, but not online…

  27. From Windrade

    Hello everyone! I just have one question… is it possible to play online after this hack? and if it is possible, PSN may block my account or even block my ps3 system? Thanks for the answers…

    • From Admin

      Its not possible to play online games after hack PS3 (with this hack)

  28. From Hack

    hey admin i’ve been trying to get my ps3 to 3.55 but im lost at how to do it cuz im fairly new to jail breaking

  29. From hackitup

    Can people not read “Can I play this online”. NO NO NO NO! God read people. You scrolled all the way down to leave a comment and didn’t read any of the comments. I feel for you Admin.

  30. From noOB

    Can I play online? o.O

  31. From George

    By blue-ray disk is off…Can i hack my ps3 without a blu-ray?

  32. From Couch

    Does this work for 4.0?

  33. From Nick

    Hey , can i downgrade from kmeaw CFW 3.55 to 3.55 official?
    Is it possible?

  34. From Shobhit

    please can you tell me how to downgrade from 4.00 to 3.55….. thanxs

    • From Admin

      try google it : downgrade “your version” to 3.55 ps3

      There is no universal downgrade program.

      • From Shobhit

        I have tried it… Not working… Please tell me if u know. Or is there any way to play pirated games on PS3 OFW 4.00

        • From Admin

          This dont work for 4.00 version…. and i dont know 100% working steps for 4.00 version.

  35. From Jubz

    Hey Admin,

    Good post! Thank You!

    Could you please let me know how to revert my hack after this installation, so that I can play online versions of Original games?
    Or is it that once this hack is applied, I can NEVER again play online games on my PS3?

    If you can remove this hack and play Original games online, It would be nice if you would post a blog for that too.


  36. From ham

    can we use net and sign up for psn with a pirated ps3

  37. From Zahan

    my ps3 is already hacked. I downloaded assassins creed 1 for ps3. put it in the gamez folder in the usb drive which is already formatted as fat 32. when I plug the usb in my ps3 it doesn’t detect. can u help me out.

  38. From visper17

    Hey! Is this possible to do with blu ray player been removed?

  39. From Jubz

    Hey! Is there a crack for ps3 version 3.72? :-( Please help

    • From Admin

      Maybe there is, but i dont know how to hack that version of ps3 :(

  40. From dboy

    Hey anyone tried the new 4.00 cfw? They’re been rumor that you can go online with it.

  41. From D1ablo

    Hey admin, I’m trying to downgrade from 4.0 to 3.55, anyway you can help or post a link?

    thanks in advanced

  42. From nirmal

    hi admin,

    You are too good.

    please try to put the date of commen posted.


    • From Admin

      OH! how i forgot that :))). Ill do that tomorrow :D

  43. From IFTI


    • From Admin

      i dont want to say something when im not 100% sure. If you ask me, then ill say NO, since you can revert cracked version and also why they care what i do with my software when problem is hardware.

  44. From IFTI

    I am not able to download “kmeaw’s 3.55 CFW Patched PUP” file, it says “Download Removed” is there any other link where i can download this file

  45. From Asad

    i Buy new ps3… i wana know how to crack it. and how to copy blurays disc in ps3 HDD……

  46. From ashutosh raanrrra

    qwik question: can i play ONLINE ?

  47. From IFTI

    @ admin…….I am not able to download “kmeaw’s 3.55 CFW Patched PUP” file, it says “Download Removed” is there any other link where i can download this file

  48. From Mdaks


    I cannot play the games if the disk is not inserted.
    I have to insert the disk, load the saved game and then I can remove the disk from my PS3.
    If there is no disk, the system just closes multiman and returns to the XMB.
    Sometimes I get the black screen and I have to restart the machine.

    Please help me

  49. From john S

    if u install a new drive in ps3 cfw 3.55 will the firmware stay or will if update

  50. From Jubin

    Hey Admin,

    Can i be able to play new games after i downgrade to 3.55 and crack it like how you say?
    (games that are released after the official release of 3.7 or 4.00 by Playstation.
    Eg: Fifa 12/ WWE12 etc which are new in market)

    I recently heard you can only play games till version 3.55 and the new games cannot be played with crack version. Is it true?


    • From Admin

      You cant since they dont make EBoot for that game to be able to run on 3.55.

      Try google : “pes 2012 ebot 3.55″

  51. From Mike

    Hi Admin,

    I just would like to know if you can copy games from PC onto a DVD and play them without going through this process? (PS3 games ofcourse)


  52. From dafetta

    pls how can i hack 3.66 version

    • From Admin

      i don’t know about 3.66.. don’t try if you are not sure :D

  53. From Andres

    Hi, maybe it’s kind of late but can you use this tutorial on a 4.11 software version?

  54. From hussain

    where are u supposed to get these games from

  55. From Jose garcia

    This sounds complicated but imma try. I want gta san andres.

    • From Admin

      Say “Thanks” here when you will run your game after hack xD

  56. From aryan

    hi , can you post a blog about how you can downgrade from fw 4.11 to 3.55 , my ps3 won’t let me downgrade :/
    thankyou :)

    • From Admin

      I dont think i can test it, maybe its much better to find other post or wait me to find other solution…

  57. From priyath

    hey can u tell me if this hack works on the first generation ps3? the VERY FIRST!! thank you!

  58. From DudeMan

    I know this guide is probably dated now, but I have an important question to ask… I just bought a new PS3 Slim and I want to mod it to play game backups from the HDD without a disk, however I also do not wish to be banned from PSN. It would suck very much to burn that bridge right after I just bought the PS3. I occasically would like to play with friends online too.

    Yes, I’ve already read the comments about not being able to play online with this mod, but I’ve also read that the mod can original firmware can be restored to allow online play. Having my PS3 “BANNED” is what really conerns me though. Any thoughts?

  59. From selman

    Best tut ever! Finaly hacked my PS3 —– God bless u for writing such a great post!

    • From Admin

      Haha, what a comment :)))))))))))))))))

      If you have any tips or suggestions, please share here :)

  60. From RUDE DUDE

    kmeaw CFW 3.55 Patched PUP link says download removed
    what to do now is there any other link……………..
    to download this

  61. From abhi patil

    how many joistick we put on ps3, wireless and wired? Please help….

  62. From PS3Freak

    Once I modify my PS3, will I be able to store games in the internal 320 GB HDD or do I have to use an external HDD? Thanks

  63. From ps3noob

    is there a way to play those games whitout being banned from psn
    AND is there a way to play online again whitout being banned

    now i really dont care about being banned from psn
    but just in case i would like to play online in the future
    how will i be able to ?

    ? buying another ps3? 1 for pirated 1 for online ?
    or is there a cheaper way :P

    (from what i understand now i should be able to get firmware to any version i desire aslong as i get the install files cfw and ofw)

    and now how about those software lv2patcher and multiman
    is it installed on the ps3? or run through usb?
    if installed….is it possible to uninstall?

    is it possible to play pirated games online
    after that
    go back to play online with not-pirated games?
    in other words ^^
    after going pirate is it possible to get system back to default/original state

    Yours Sincerely Rotjoch nikey

  64. From ps3noob

    1 more add to the above
    is it possible to get trophys from pirated games and upload them to your ps3 account?

  65. From ps3noob

    forgot this srry…..yes it will work on slim and fat version aslong as u keep ur firmware at 3.55
    .1 offtopic hint for that bluray guy ;)
    get firmware 3.0 equals delete cinavia (3.10 added cinavia)

  66. From MaryMaida


    Im a newbie to this, I got a PS3 slim with version 4.1 on it.
    Can you guys help me out play downloaded torrent games on it.
    What do i need to do? please help

  67. From Archit

    Aw man, Mine is 4.11 :( will it work ? I have the pup file for 4.11 … and one more thing after jailbreaking does the files package option appears in the game tab ? because in mine its not appearing…

  68. From Mastr Splyntr

    Well is there any possibility of a permanent damage to the device via this method ?

  69. From Vivek

    what shld we write in port and host ….. plzz reply fast plzz plzz reply fast i m waiting …….

  70. From Thorki

    Will this delete my DLC and save data?

  71. From plane games

    Somebody essentially help to make critically posts I might state. This is the first time I frequented your website page and thus far? I amazed with the research you made to make this actual post extraordinary. Magnificent activity!

  72. From Geoff

    Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to mention that I’ve truly loved browsing your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I’m hoping you write again very soon!

  73. From First time ps3 jail breaker

    So here’s my question. Knowing that this hack only applies to firmware 3.55 and under, how does the whole pirating game situation look? For example, i know that Ratchet & Clank Future Tools of destruction was made before firmware 3.55, so if i download it, it will work. Now lets look at a newer game, like Resident Evil Umbrella secrets or whatever its called, that was made to run on the newer 4.1 firmware. If i were to torrent the newer games, would they work on this hack which is for older firmwares?

  74. From Taka

    I’m trying the last option, and I just wanted to know if downloading that PS3 FTP Server to my ps3 would harm it or whatever is already on there in anyway, and if it can ever be uninstalled. It’s my brother’s ps3, and I didn’t want to mess it up.

  75. From Mark

    The game I’ll be transferring from my pc to ps3. are they pc games?

  76. From Ayoola

    Can anyone please put me thru on how to download and install games on ps3,……. i have a ps3 but buying the games are just too expensive here. Can anyone kindly give me a tutorial on how to go about it…

    Please hoping to here from anyone…. thanks.. God bless you

    here is my facebook id…..ayoola aytech olutayo ..

  77. From Ayoola

    Can anyone please put me thru on how to play a (DVD iso) downloaded ps3 game,……. i have a ps3 but buying the games are just too expensive here. Can anyone kindly give me a tutorial on how to go about it…

    Please hoping to here from anyone…. thanks.. God bless you

    here is my facebook id…..ayoola aytech olutayo ..

  78. From PS3 Lover

    Yeh,Admin Will u please help how to downgrade firmware 4.00 to 3.55.Previously I was on 3.55 version and recently my younger brother unintentionally Upgraded to 4.00.Now I had Stacked on this(4.00) version.And I can not enjoy my PS. PLEASE HELP ME SOON……………

  79. From kb

    what is the difference between pirated games and original games ? (graphics)

  80. From kb

    what about graphics ?

  81. From pickledojo

    does this help you actually hack a ps3 game. i cant find any sites that give tutorials on how to hack sfxt for ps3. if anyone knows how please email me a tutorial.

  82. From utkrist

    can we do this on ps3 cech 3001b !

  83. From Gamer

    I downloaded a PS3 game and it is in the form of zip files(4 zip files)..
    I extracted the first part of the game but when I’m extracting the 2nd part it says “the folder already exists do you want to replace it with existing folder or create new one???”
    What do I do???

  84. From cheap seat

    First-class story it is definitely. My girlfriend has been searching this information.

  85. From Nikki

    any ways to hack ver 3.73 ?

  86. From Bharat

    plz tell me how to hack ps3 3.72 CFW.

  87. From Mohit

    Hey admin, plz reply. I’m on 4.11 and there’s a new update 4.21 should i update or there is a hack for it too?

  88. From Bama_Boy

    hey zamp.., please give me the link to signed cfw plzzz, I can,t get it anywhere i am fed up of (80029567) error.

  89. From Bama_Boy

    hey zamp please give the link to the signed cfw i can,t get it anywhere please help me..!

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