How to remove Wibiya “Powered by” logo – Video tutorial

This post is for older wibiya toolbar, but video tutorial on bottom of this post is for latest wibiya toolbar.

In this tutorial you will learn how to remove Wibiya Powered by logo in your toolbar.

1. Get Javascript code from for your toolbar, in form as:

2. Copy the javascript link and paste in your browser.

3.Save as first.js

4. You need to get two texts from this file, and merge them.

Click on image for original size.

Merge them so your link should looks something like

This is a link to other Javascript file. Save it as secound.js

OR Find


Then merge them

5. Open with your text editor and replace


White space (press space on keyboard)

*if you cant find this line, then you use other color style for your Wibiya toolbar, so image (pbw_dark.png) is some other name.

OR because they upgraded their css image structure, now they use css sprites, right click on powered by logo and click “Inspect Element” (You must have installed FireBug extenstion). After that open div with class name TBcontainerDiv, then there is a table, open it while u dont find div with class name similar like “WibiyaToolbarIcon_2915745″. After you find that, copy the class name, then simple search in your 2nd java script file and find your css class for that div. Your css class start with DOT.


.WibiyaToolbarIcon_2915745{background:url( -0px -92px no-repeat;width:47px;height:21px;}

Delete it.

6. Then go to your first javascipt. Open and edit three lines.

 if ((jQuery.browser.msie && parseInt(jQuery.browser.version)==6) ||  wibiyaToolbar.wibiya_isMobile == true){
        anything = " folder/"; // first one
        if (wibiya_nc=="true") jQuery.noConflict();
        if (typeof (startGallery) == "function" || jQuery.browser.msie || wibiya_pl=="true")
                if (typeof (querySt("toolbarObjId")) == "undefined")
                    var wibiyaScriptSrc = anything+"second.js";// second one
                    var wibiyaScriptSrc = wibiyadomain+querySt("toolbarObjId")+".js";
            if (typeof (querySt("toolbarObjId")) == "undefined")
                var wibiyaScriptSrc = anything+"second.js";// third one
                var wibiyaScriptSrc = wibiyadomain+querySt("toolbarObjId")+".js";

Final step. Change your include script code from

to folder/first.js

You are done!


I`v noticed that we just removed imagelogo, but we also need to remove logo div. In Internet Explorer there is a problem, like “div with wrong image url”. So Open Second.js , and find

<div class="\&quot;itemRight\&quot;">    <a id="\&quot;wibiyaToolbar_item_normal_anchor_6\&quot;" class="\&quot;wibiyaToolbar_item_normal_6\&quot;" onclick="\&quot;wibiyaToolbar.framework.fun_RegisterAction_extended(70,1065075,1,0,\'\')\&quot;" href="\&quot;\&quot;" target="\&quot;_blank\&quot;">        <img class="\&quot;wibiyaToolbar_itemImg" src="\&quot;" alt="" />
<div class="\&quot;TBcontainerDiv"><a id="\&quot;wibiyaToolbar_item_normal_anchor_6\&quot;" class="\&quot;wibiyaToolbar_item_normal_6\&quot;" onclick="\&quot;wibiyaToolbar.framework.fun_RegisterAction_extended(70,1065075,1,0,\'\')\&quot;" href="\&quot;\&quot;" target="\&quot;_blank\&quot;">            <img class="\&quot;wibiyaToolbar_itemImg\&quot;" src="\&quot;" alt="" />        </a></div>

OR Find the div where .WibiyaToolbarIcon_2915745 css class is used and delete it.

and remove. Now u are definitly done ).

Video tutorial for the latest wibiya toolbar!



Try add this style to your css

margin: 0 auto;
position: static !important

Click on image for original size.

wibiya resize

wibiya resize

48 Responses

  1. From Juan pablo

    You are awesome really inteligent a usefull!


  2. From Juan pablo

    Really it works !! the last update is required for chromes browser as well
    Thanks !!

  3. From Luhur Airpa Sunan

    Hi, I’m Indonesian… Thank you for your great post! This “How To” is the one i looking for. Once again: Thank you…

  4. From pimousse

    not working for me, the bar does not appear to me.
    I retest tomorrow :)

    • From admin

      Ok, ill record new video for new Wibiya toolbar soon..

  5. From Jeremy

    I can not find the

    In second.js? why is this?

    • From admin

      If you use other color style, your img is different name.


    Tutorials are very attractive with a great guy. After I follow all the instructions above, I have a problem with the final step. Please explain the folder / first.js, anything that must be filled in addition to first.js course? Thanks a lot!

  7. From Sushil Kumar Raghav

    You have done a great job… This shows your talent… Thanks… :)

  8. From Eric

    Wow , thanks for the video.


  9. From Tauro

    hi such, I did everything as stated here, do not understand why it was not, here I leave the files to see if I can say that fails please << menu

  10. From Jenna

    The problem with wibiya is tha they are slowing your site.

    I started using the new “InSite” web toolbar by Virtual Web and it flawless
    Runs 10 times faster and they have 10 time more applications then wibiya.

    Works great for me on my site : – free beta here

    • From admin

      Well u are not right. U can make whole Wibiya to be cached on user pc (javascript files) so 2nd time he visit your website.. should be much much faster. Also dont forget, if u have many applications in your Wibiya toolbar..some of them reQuest external data like “getting facebook history” “getting twitter posts” etc..

  11. From Ratul Upadhyay

    Thanks a ton my friend for the video tutorial. It did the job for me after searching all over the internet. Thanks a ton. Have a great year ahead. :)

    I’ve put it on my website :)

  12. From Pulse

    I removed powered by wibiya, and it was working fine, untill today. Images aren’t loading in wibiya toolbar. )=

    • From admin

      Until today? Hmmm, maybe they have new version switch if different from preview one.. Try download new version , if there is, and rework it as my video.

      Post results here :)

  13. From Arun

    Really it works !! the last update is required for chromes browser as well

    • From admin

      Well, i dont use chrome a lot, dont know how chrome show wrong image link…but anyway, why u ever ask? Just do the “Update”, you dont know what browser your users use ))

  14. From Mc

    Have same problem here, was working fine a cuple of weeks go but now cant load the images..
    I’ve downloaded the files again, seems have changed the coding abit..

    I’ve tried he steps but on the on editing of the js can only find the the first and second line.

    Need help check it out at


    • From Admin

      I have send to your email , edited version of your 2nd java script file. Follow my video and im sure you can make it works.

  15. From Mc

    will be much appreciated.. thans in advance..

  16. From Mc

    I’ve heard its possible to optimize this toolbar for faster loading, might have any ideas how to tweak it?

    also awaitng your action on the email I’ve sent..

    • From Admin

      I don’t think so, because JavaScript is client side language, just remove all useless widgets..

      When user enter your site for 2nd time, he will have your wibiya in his PC ( as cached java script file). Maybe you should check if your hosting allow gzip compression and check your htaccess (if you use linux apache hosting)file file caching..

  17. From Mc

    Thanks for all feeback – really helpfull..

    Have installed the social ticker widget – my issue is that one has to assign a fixed width, this doesnt scale well when browser is maximised.. I’ve tried to apply the relative width (%) but no change.. Any ideas?

    • From Admin

      Send me link from your page and description…ill check it

  18. From Xavier

    I am not able to finish it up on my part I can not find the three lines to edit on the last step.

    Please help is the website

    • From Admin

      Try follow my video, then if you still cant make it, contact me.

  19. From Desmond

    Hi, I’ve tried this a few times now and it just isn’t working for me. I’ve figured out that my first.js is different to your first.js.

    The Javascript I get has a lot of references to mobiles in and your’s doesn’t seem to.

    Hopefully you can help.


    • From Admin

      But the point f this tutorial is same. Use “find word” function in your editor, and u gonna find those lines of code :)

      • From Desmond

        Hi, thanks for the response.

        The thing is though, whereas you Ctrl+F and find three versions of “Wibiyadomain + code” the third Wibiyadomain has a different extension than the one shown in your video.

        I would appreciate your help.

        • From Admin

          Yes , first javascript file have 3x “Wibiyadomain” words.

          First word = url WHERE the 2nd java script file is

          Second word = First word + Secound JavaScript File Name.

          Third word = we dont need it.

          Final link to get 2nd java script file from above examples is

  20. From Desmond

    Finally got it working (weeks ago), but just thought I’d say thanks!

  21. From Mike

    Great job! After going through the code I was able to completely customize my toolbar. Thanks so much!

  22. From Alberto Rascht

    Por favor, ayúdame a suprimir el “Powered by Wibiya de mi sitio web”. Gracias.

    • From Admin

      Damn, i used Google Translate to understand you :). Which part of this tutorial you don’t understand?

  23. From Josh

    100% working


    width: 0px !important

    demo at uniquerocks dot blogspot dot c o m

  24. From James

    Working well, just need and some attention, some logique, but also some programing skils.
    I would like to know if you can remove the Powerd by: Powered by Wibiya and AddThis from the share button

  25. From James

    How do you shorten the toolbar. I tried this but it didn’t work
    width: 60%; !important

  26. From increase traffic

    Hello there, I found your blog via Google even as looking for a related subject, your web site got here up, it appears to be like great. I have bookmarked to my favourites|added to my bookmarks.

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